Common Holiday Pet Hazards

As the calendar year wraps up and festivities still abound, it’s prime time for your furry friend to get into trouble. As such, make sure you stay vigilant of potential pet hazards this holiday season!

#1: Delicious food is dangerous for your pet

Make the holidays even more special with culinary delights; however, beware of dishes that can be harmful to our furry friends. To keep pets safe and healthy over the festivities, ensure they steer clear from these toxic treats:

  • Turkey and ham, especially the bones
  • Chives, leeks, onions, and garlic
  • Unbaked bread dough
  • Raisins and currants
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Xylitol
  • Avocados
  • Alcohol

#2: Delightful decor leads to disaster

Sprucing up your home with festive lights, gleaming ornaments, and seasonal foliage is a wonderful way to capture that holiday spirit. However, some decorations can also be hazardous for pets if they get too close. To ensure the safety of your four-legged friend while you decorate, make sure any fragile items like glass ornaments and electrical cords are safely out of reach; similarly avoid Christmas tree stand water and poisonous plants around them. Taking these precautions will help protect your pet from potential dangers!

#3: Overnight guests pack multiple hazards

Welcoming friends and family into your home can be both a joyous occasion, yet also comes with the potential hazard of hazardous items that may have been unknowingly packed in their luggage. To ensure safety for your pet animal(s), make sure to keep guest bedroom doors closed so they cannot sniff out harmful substances such as medications, chocolate bars, sugar-free gum or other toxic food items. By doing this you will guarantee peace of mind knowing that beloved furry companion is safe from harm!

#4: Parties pose a problem

As you enthusiastically toast to the New Year, keep your furry family member in mind and out of harm’s way. Make sure that potentially toxic foods or drinks don’t get within reach for them, such as party poppers, glow sticks and other decorations. Additionally, set up a peaceful retreat where they can escape from overeager guests who might want to pet them too much – this will ensure everyone has the best time possible!

#5: Gifts and toys turn into hazardous items

To avoid a gastrointestinal blockage or toxicity issue for your pet, it is crucial that you pick up small items such as toys, batteries and gift ribbons after children are done playing with them. Failing to do so can result in kidney damage – something no pet owner wants!

The holiday season is a time of heightened activity and chaos, making it more likely for our furry friends to get into mischief. If they run afoul of a holiday hazard, seek emergency treatment or contact our team for help.