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Pet Digital X-Ray


Radiographs (digitial x-rays) are an essential tool that can help us diagnose your pet correctly.

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Why our team prefers digital x-ray technology

Pet digital x-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine, providing valuable information to help diagnose a range of medical conditions. X-rays for cats and dogs capture images of the pet’s body using a small amount of radiation, producing clearer and sharper images than traditional x-rays. This allows veterinarians to view the images from multiple angles. Digital x-rays offer a significant advantage over traditional x-rays, as they make detecting even subtle changes in the pet’s body easier.

It’s important to look for a veterinary x-ray near you to be prepared for any emergency situation. Many animal hospitals and clinics have in-house digital x-ray machines, offering pet owners the convenience of quick and efficient x-rays.

Before the digital x-ray is taken, your pet may need to be sedated. This depends on the location of the body being imaged and the level of cooperation of the pet. The pet is then positioned on a special x-ray table, and the digital x-ray machine is positioned around the area of interest. A veterinarian then reviews the digital images to help diagnose any underlying health problems.

It’s important to understand that digital x-rays should only be done when led by a veterinarian. The results should be interpreted by a veterinarian who thoroughly knows your pet’s medical history and current symptoms. Digital x-rays are a safe and non-invasive method of imaging with a low risk of radiation exposure, but as with any medical procedure, it’s important to weigh the risks and benefits before proceeding.

Pet digital x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool in helping veterinarians diagnose and treat various medical conditions in cats and dogs. Our veterinary team utilizes digital x-rays to gain a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s medical condition, whether it’s a broken bone or an internal issue. Not only does the use of digital x-rays benefit the accuracy of diagnoses, but it also promotes safety for both pets and veterinary staff. Digital technology emits significantly lower levels of radiation compared to traditional x-rays. With this advanced technology, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule an x-ray appointment for your pet!