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A ten week old female boxer puppy named Aurora was brought to AEH because she didn’t want to eat. She was quiet and was having vomiting and diarrhea. She had received her first puppy shots. Aurora tested positive for Parvovirus. AEH provided intensive hospital care for Aurora for five days. Soon her sad eyes turned bright and her tail began to wag again. Aurora survived parvovirus and is thriving today.
Toby, an eleven year old neutered male cat was transferred to AEH for continued overnight hospital care after being diagnosed with diabetes and battling very high sugar levels. AEH placed a central line so that Toby could receive his insulin as a constant drip into his blood and his blood sugar levels could be frequently checked without Toby having to have multiple needle pokes for blood draws. Toby’s sugar levels continued to come down overnight and Toby returned to his daytime veterinarian in the morning for continued care.
Sixy, a ten year old neutered male cat was brought to AEH because he was not eating or drinking. He had lost weight and was weak and was having some breathing problems. He had been drinking a lot of water previously and also had been vomiting earlier that week. X-rays and bloodwork revealed that Sixy had pancreatitis with secondary ileus, his intestines were not moving properly. Sixy received intensive care at AEH for four days. He began to eat and purr again. He happily returned home to enjoy his naps in the sunshine.
Max, a four year old neutered male miniature schnauzer was transferred to AEH for suspect HGE. HGE is a sickness where the gut is irritated, inflamed and bleeding. AEH provided intensive hospital care for three days. Max received a plasma transfusion to increase his clotting factors to increase his ability to clot his blood and decrease the bleeding. Antibiotics and protectants helped to return the gut to normal. When Max felt better and started to eat a bland diet he was able to go home. Max was bouncing around and back to normal within a week.