Pet Ventilator

Similar to oxygen therapy, pet ventilators can be used to support the lung function of your pet.

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How we use surgical ventilator technology

A surgical pet ventilator is a medical device designed to deliver anesthesia and help maintain your pet’s normal breathing patterns during surgery.

At Animal Emergency Hospital, our surgical ventilator connects to our anesthesia machine to control the respiratory rate and depth of a patient during a surgical procedure.

Ventilators for cats and dogs work by controlling the air delivered to the pet’s lungs and maintaining a consistent breathing pattern. This helps to prevent fatigue, reduce the risk of infections, and promote faster recovery.

Pet Ventilator FAQs


What is a pet ventilator?

Ventilators are designed to help regulate a pet's breathing rate and ensure the oxygen supplied is controlled and sufficient.


Can animals be intubated?

Many animals can indeed be intubated, similar to humans. However, this procedure requires specialized training and skill because sedation is necessary. While not all animals are candidates for intubation, this procedure may benefit certain patients with difficulty breathing or an obstructed airway. Additionally, animals should only be intubated when absolutely necessary since the procedure carries risks associated with it, such as tissue damage or infection. If you are concerned about your pet's breathing and think they may benefit from intubation, speak to your veterinarian for a proper assessment.