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Compassionate, Quality Emergency Care
when your pet needs it most.

Animal Emergency Hospital in Burton

After-Hour Emergency Care for Pets in the Greater Flint Area

Pet emergencies can be unexpected and scary, but the Animal Emergency Hospital team is always available to help your pet when they need it most. We understand how much your pet means to you as a family member, and we will always treat them as our own. Furthermore, we know that in an emergency, every second counts. You do not have to call our hospital before your arrival, and can be assured that a doctor will be on staff, during hours of operation, to serve you immediately.

As an after-hour emergency hospital, we are here to provide essential medical care. We are glad to offer emergency support and be an extension of your regular veterinary care provider. Therefore, you can always expect seamless communication between our emergency hospital and your primary veterinarian.


Animal Emergency Hospital

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