Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety on Walks: An Essential Guide

Let’s make March 30th a wonderful day by celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day with your pup! But remember to be mindful of potential issues that can spoil an otherwise perfect adventure. Keep watch for the following hazards when you and your four-legged friend go out exploring today.

#1: Other dogs

To prevent a potential altercation between your pup and another, it is best to be aware of other dogs in the area. Reactive canines who have managed to slip their collars present an especially dangerous situation; even friendly off-leash pups may appear threatening when they sprint up for a hello! Keep tabs on how your fur baby acts around others, ensuring that he or she stays relaxed and composed. If possible, try avoiding parks at peak hours when large packs of pooches tend to gather together.

#2: Traffic

When you’re out and about with your pet, always keep a watchful eye for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. It’s also important to make sure that your furry friend is near you as they can easily dart into traffic if left unchecked. An unlocked retractable or long leash may cause accidents such as tripping up others or even snapping in case of a rapid lunge towards an animal – so it’s best to play it safe!

#3: Parasites

Park habitats are a prime destination for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and intestinal parasites – hungry for their ideal prey. Safeguard your furry friend from internal and external pests by administering preventative measures year-round as well as examining them nose to tail upon returning home to ensure that no hidden bugs have hitched a ride.

#4: Wildlife

When your beloved pooch goes exploring in the park, they might discover wildlife burrows, nests and resting spots. Many animals retreat when people or pets near them but some may become aggressive if they sense any threat to their young ones, food source or home. It’s advisable to not disturb wild creatures as they are often carriers of disease-causing parasites.

If you and your furry friend love to explore the outdoors together, guarantee their safety from illnesses and parasites with regular preventive care. Call us today to book an appointment for your pet’s wellness checkup!

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