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Animal Emergency Hospital is a full-service hospital prepared to meet the emergency needs of all of our patients. Our state-of-the-art hospital enables us to provide your companion with the highest quality veterinary medicine available. We have the ability to offer consultations and referrals to specialists as needed. The services that we provide include:




Ultrasound enables us to diagnose potentially life-threatening conditions quickly and efficiently. We often use the ultrasound to check the chest or abdomen, evaluating your pet in a non-invasive way.

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In-House Blood Work

Our in-house laboratory enables us to process blood work and get results back in 20-30 minutes. This allows us to diagnose your pet as quickly as possible. We have the capability of testing your pet’s clotting times, and this helps us to identify the nature of your pet’s ailments.

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Oxygen Cages

Oxygen cages are very important for providing oxygen to patients in a tranquil, climate-controlled setting. We generally provide oxygen to patients in cases of smoke inhalation, cardiac disease, and pneumonia.

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Our doctors will use incubators when we have newborn pets that are unable to keep their body temperatures up on their own. Our incubators allow our staff to maintain a pet’s body temperature constantly. This process is also important for pets who have encountered trauma or are experiencing a medical condition that causes them to have difficulty regulating body temperature.

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Surgical Suite

We have a complete surgical suite at Animal Emergency Hospital. It is fully equipped with oxygen and state-of-the-art surgical equipment. Each of our surgical tables is also supplied with a warming pad to help our doctors keep pets warm during their procedures.

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Isolation Room

We have an isolation room that permits us to keep contagious or extremely ill patients away from the other hospitalized pets at our hospital. This enables the sick pet to have a quiet place for healing, and keeps the other patients safe.

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Digital Radiography

Digital radiography allow us to perform x-ray imaging with greater speed and accuracy. We have the ability to send these digital files to a boarded veterinary radiologist who can give your doctors their feedback in about 30 minutes. This capability allows us to diagnose and treat your companion effectively while providing the highest quality diagnostic options.

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When your pet needs to be hospitalized, we understand that may make you nervous, but rest assured Animal Emergency Hospital provides detailed, individualized care for our patients. We have a number of centrally-located cages and runs for our hospitalized patients where our staff and doctors are able to monitor each patient constantly.

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Fluid Pumps

We utilize fluid pumps to constantly monitor and help control the rate and flow of IV fluids.

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Cardell Units and Blood Pressure Devices

Taking a blood pressure measurement is a very important step in an emergency situation. Our blood pressure devices help us to ensure that we have all of the information necessary for complete medical care. Along with blood pressure, our multiparameter monitors allow us to also view ECG trace, heart rate, respiratory rate, CO2 levels, SpO2, and core body temperature simultaneously to provide the most comprehensive monitoring.

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SPO2 Monitors

Our SPO2 monitors help us to measure the amount of oxygen in circulation. The SPO2 monitors are valuable to our doctors since they provide readings of oxygen levels in the blood. This helps with treating heart conditions and respiratory emergencies.

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Blood Products

At Animal Emergency Hospital, our hospital is equipped with packed red blood cells and plasma. These two products can be potentially life-saving for your pet in times of extreme crisis. Our staff has been trained on how to handle these products, and how to deliver them as well as monitor them. We also utilize blood donors to provide fresh whole blood. We have blood typing and cross matching capabilities.

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In cases of cardiac arrest, the defibrillator may be used to restart the heart.

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